THANK YOU! A huge thank you to Thomas Willingale School, Restore Community Church and traders on the Broadway who helped us to send off shoeboxes for the ‘Link to Hope’ Christmas appeal.

We made 57 shoeboxes designed not only to bring happiness and fun to a family or to the elderly but also containing essentials such as candles tools or a windup torch.

All the boxes started when someone decided to be kind. Those ideas were turned into action and boxes started to turn up at the Restore Community Centre.

Another thank-you – to the volunteers who made up boxes when  gifts were donated and to St Clares for all the lovely empty shoeboxes.

Next they journeyed to my home as we did not have enough room at the centre 

Someone passing by didn’t know what they were and called out ‘You’re organised’ as I carried all the colourful boxes indoors. I realised she thought I had done all my Christmas shopping. Not true.

Then when they had all been collected up they were loaded back in the car and taken to a collection point in Romford. They nearly had an adventure on the way as my sat nav wanted to take me over the Dartford crossing. It seems that I had (somehow!) added Finland as a stop on the way. Happily I guessed that something was going wrong and the boxes were safely delivered. They will continue on their journey…

Thank you again to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen in time. I hope to be able to update you with further news after they have been delivered to families and elderly people who will so enjoy them this Christmas.